Servo Control system

Servo control system design including Digital, Analog, Modern and Classical, Models, Implementation, Characterization, Failure Analysis, Error Budget...

Experience with C, C++, Python, MATLAB, LabVIEW, Machine Learning, Servo Control Systems, Statistical Data Analysis and Visualizations, Project Management...

Technical engineering consultant

Engineering Data Analytics

Servo Control systems

project management

Contact:  303-746-2462

DATA Analytics

Significant experience in analyzing data: factors, trends, distributions, statistical significance, machine learning, regression, neural networks... to identify and/or predict important metrics.

project management

Technical Project Management of Global Resource.  Strategic Project Planning with On-Time Completion, Real-time Resource Task Prioritization.

Intellectual Property

Technical consulting services in intellectual property and technology related litigation.

Product and Technology Innovation

Data Science, Algorithm and Control System Engineering with expertise in large Data Analytics including Machine Learning and Real-Time Feedback Control Systems. Known for solving challenging technical problems through comprehensive data analysis, algorithm development and innovation. Passionate about analyzing complex technical problems to deliver efficient solutions to internal stakeholders and clients to drive bottom line business results.

Kadlec Consulting LLC