Contact:  303-746-2462

Data Storage

Control System Design

Experience developing Feedback Control Systems on multiple data storage devices

Product and Technology Development including Volume Manufacturing.  Emphasis on Servo design including modelling, compensation, calibration, power up/down sequence, error detection/recovery, implementation, tuning, performance analysis and volume manufacturing.

Optical Disk Drives

  • Magneto Optic Data Storage Disk Drives (4.75", 120mm)
  • Small Diameter Phase Change Music Player (1.25", 32mm)
  • Multi-Recording Layer Archival Optical Data Storage

Magnetic Disk Drives

  • 5.25" and 3.5" Hard Disk Drive

Tape Drives

  • Magnetic Data Recording with Optical Servo Feedback Position Sensing​

Product and/or Prototype Servo control designs implemented in uP, DSP and FPGA.