• Compensator Design - PID, Classical, State Space, Analog or Digital
  • Sensor - The sensor is one of the most critical elements of a closed loop control system that requires a good design and thorough characterization.  Important sensor figure of merits are: linearity, time delay, signal-to-noise (SNR).
  • Power Amplifier Design and Characterization - The power amplifier stage must have the capability to drive voltage or current over a large dynamic amplitude range and frequencies while maintaining linearity with minimal time delay, low noise and offsets.
  • Plant Characterization - The plant can be a combination of mechanical, optical, electrical, chemical...  A comprehensive characterization in both time and frequency domains will provide the necessary information required to properly design the compensator resulting in adequate bandwidth with acceptable stability margins.  In addition, the plant disturbances must be characterized in both time and frequency domains to assist in system optimization.
  • Calibrations - Many servo systems have simple to complex calibration algorithms depending upon the application.  Examples of calibrations are offsets, gains, feed-forward profiles...
  • System Level Debug, Characterization and Optimization - This is where the rubber meets the road.  In addition to basic system bring-up and debug, the following can also be done to assure a robust solution:
    • Frequency Domain Analysis - Bode Plots, Stability Margin Analysis
    • Verify Positioning and/or Velocity Errors are within acceptable limits.
    • Spectral Decomposition of the error signal to determine root cause.
    • Time domain statistical analysis (i.e. mean, std, min, max...) for verification of the specification.
  • Firmware (Architecture, Power up Sequence, Closing Loops, Calibrations, Error Recovery, Power Down Sequence)Type your paragraph here.

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